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Welcome Change Makers! Find out how to take you, your message, and your business beyond your current tribe and market, to where transformation meets fun, and massive exposure!

  • Are you ready to grow your revenue and 10X your tribe?
  • What if you could star in a Web /TV Series that highlights social entrepreneurs and change-makers?
  • What if you could have the time of your life, while masterminding, making a difference, and promoting your message to potentially millions?

 If you are ready to have a lot of Fun, investing in yourself and a better world, then apply to be one of our Featured Stars. Change Maker combines the power of personal and business Transformation, Luxury Travel-Adventure, Global Contribution, and mass Media Marketing to promote YOU and your MESSAGE.

Trish Carr 
CEO, Women's Prosperity Network
San Diego, US - COMPLETE!

"The chance to deeply connect and create relationships with like-minded people who are willing to push themselves, is just one of many reasons to be part of this powerful, life changing experience. It was the best investment in myself I've ever made. Now you can too!" 

Natalie Ledwell
CEO, Mind Movies 
Liberia, West Africa - March 2018

"There is nothing more delicious than living a life on purpose and making a difference regardless of how many people you influence!"

Mike Mataraza
Executive Coach 
Ecuador/Galapagos, November '17

"Let's get started! The world is ready for transformation and at the beginning of every shift are the people who would lead it. Are you ready to bring your power and passion and be a catalyst for positive change in the world? If so then join us! There is no better opportunity I've seen to partner with high level game changers while showcasing your work on a global stage!"

Spryte Loriano
CEO, Legacy Life Productions 
Producer, ChangeMaker Series

Additional Thought Leaders to 
Be Announced will Host ...
New Zealand /Fiji and Panama!

5 Exotic Locations!
 15 Powerful Episodes!  

100 Change Makers
will be chosen! 
Will YOU be ONE of them?

Lynn Rose 
CEO, The Power to Wow
San Diego - COMPLETE!

"Its never too late to become who you might have been! This multi-tiered offering of taking on your own transformation while getting to launch your message and media to help transform the world is fun, life-changing and one of the most exciting projects I've been able to be a part of. Join us!"

Burge Smith-Lyons 
CEO, Essence of Being
Ecuador / Galapagos November '17

"We all want the same thing as a human being, to know that we are loved. safe, and that we make a difference. We are stewards of this planet and it is time to wake up and share our purpose and message of peace, prosperity, and love. " 

Lori Leyden
CreateGlobal Healing
Liberia, West Africa - March 2018

"We ARE the ones we've been waiting for - the Change Maker Series is a game changer of possibilities to transform our world."
Transformation Meets Fun and Massive Exposure!
We shine a light on YOU so you can transform the world.
5 Exotic Locations for 2017-18!
San Diego, US  / Ecuador / Africa / Fiji/New Zealand / Panama
Apply Today!
Just 20 Change Makers selected for each of five locations
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